As part of our commitment to delivering the highest level of bone, joint, and muscle care to you and your loved ones, we offer convenient, on-site X-ray services. In addition to listening to your concerns, learning about your symptoms, and providing a physical exam, your doctor may order X-ray imaging to diagnose your orthopaedic condition.

During an X-ray, your technologist will take images of the inside of your body for your provider’s reference. X-rays are used to help with the diagnostic process so that your provider will be able to create the treatment plan that is right for you and your needs.

Items to bring with you to your X-ray appointment: 

  • Your doctor’s X-ray order and any appointment paperwork you may have
  • Your insurance card(s)
  • Files or films of previous X-ray(s) taken of the area of your injury or condition (if applicable)

For more information on our X-ray imaging services, please call us at 507-386-6600.